KCMC April 2024

At the beginning of April, Dr. Einar Eriksen spent one week in Moshi, where he joined the team at the Burn Unit at KCMC 🏨🔥
It was a valuable and busy stay where he operated 7 patients. All the patients had major wounds and injuries. Some patients were hospitalized with injuries that were several years old, while Jesica, a 12-month-old girl, was seriously burned in a kitchen accident in February.
Jessica’s entire face and scalp had been burned and unfortunately, during the surgeries, the staff had to amputate several of her fingertips, all of which had become necrotic. Jesica had surgery twice during Einar’s stay and she still needs more surgeries, including reconstructing her eyelids.
Thank you for helping children like Jesica get a second chance at life. Together we can make a difference ❤

General Assembly 2024

Invitation to Care4Burns Ordinary General Assembly 2024 🔥
Wednesday 3 April at 16.30-18, Copenhagen.

Are you interested in development work?
Do you want to make a difference for children with severe burns in Tanzania?

Do you have good ideas or perhaps concrete experience in the field that you want to share? – so come along on April 3 and hear more! 🌟

Registration by March 27: info@care4burn.org
– where you will receive further information about the meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Together we can make a difference!

Veronica is back on her feet

After almost 2 years of hospitalization and countless operations, Veronica is finally on her feet ❤️

Veronica was admitted to KCMC hospital in July 2022 with burns on nearly 55% of her body, across her abdomen, thighs and parts of her chest. Now, what remains is to close her tracheostomy and retrain her walking function.
We look forward to Veronica being able to go home to family and friends soon 🔥

Thank you for your interest in and support of Car4Burn.

With your support, we can help children like Veronica get a handle on life again 🙏❤️

Janeth 7 years old

Janeth is 7 years old and was hospitalized after her clothes caught fire. She suffered 2nd degree burns on 45% of her body, on her stomach, thighs and arms.

When such a large part of the body is burned, several skin transplants are needed over a long period. It is important that the individual areas heal up along the way, before the next part of the body is treated.

Each operation costs between DKK 900-1000 plus subsequent care and medication.

Many children, young people and adults come into the Burn Unit at KCMC hospital in Moshi during the year. Some have injuries that happened weeks or months ago, and others are hospitalized urgently after a recent burn accident.

Not everyone survives. But fortunately the vast majority do! And with strong professional skills and equipment, the department works continuously to improve both the treatment and the individual hospitalization time.

With your support, we can continue to help children like Janeth and many more children back to life. With you help we can support the department to a strengthened expertise in modern burn treatment.

Thank you for your support in 2023

Thank you to everyone who has supported Care4Burn in 2023 ❤️

It has been an active and creative year with teaching and exchange between Tanzania and Ethiopia, patient treatments, documentary and premiere. All this would not have been possible without Your interest and support. Thank you for contributing in making a difference for children with burn injuries in Tanzania 🔥🙏

In November, Care4Burn received joyful news from the Bygma Foundation that we have been granted a donation for our work with children with burn injuries in Tanzania. It is a great donation of DKK 100,000 which goes to teaching and exchange of experience of local staff at KCMC Hospital to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. This donation helps to raise the competence level at KCMC, for the benefit of the patients, their families as well as the hospital and the local community. We are very proud and happy!

Together we can make a difference! 🌟

The documentary “The Forgotten” is online

The Care4Burn documentary “The Forgotten” is online and can be viwed here.
Burn injured patients in low- and middle-income countries are a big, forgotten patient group. They deserve our attention and help.
With this realisation, I set out 15 years ago to try to make a positive difference for the quality of life for children with burn injuries.
In sub-Saharan African countries, between 18,000 and 30,000 children die at 5 years of age or younger every year because of burn-related injuries.
Care4Burn is my hopeful and devoted contribution. I want to give burn injured children a voice and with “The Forgotten” I aspire to create a beautiful and relevant narrative about a difficult and unknown subject, that hopefully will make the viewer feel, reflect and realize that there is a lot we can do for this patient group ❤
I hope ”The Forgotten” will make an impression on you – even if it is the first, second or third time you watch it 🔥
Please share the documentary with your network – and help Care4Burn increase the awareness of burn injuries and this forgotten patient group 🎥📽
Together we can make a difference.
Karianne W. Fjaere (founder)
”The Forgotten” is filmed and edited by George M Doumani.

Charity event and premiere

A profound Thank you to everyone that participated in Care4Burn’s charity event and premiere on the 28th of November at Odds and Ends 🎉 We are deeply moved by your interest and support. Thank you for showing up and for giving your attention to burn injured children in Tanzania ❤
Without all of you we would not have been able to host such a memorable and meaningful evening. Especially a Big thank you to our main sponsors Odds and Ends, Livingstone Copenhagen, ROSFORTH & ROSFORTH, @evesevents, All Graphic A/S and Region H 🙏
Thank you to “The Villagas Jam Beat and Federitmo” and Farshad Kholghi (www.farshadkholghi.dk) for helping us set the right mood and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.
Thank you Alexandra Peña Urzua for taking on the task as Care4Burn’s Event manager and George M Doumani for creating a beautiful and relevant narrative about burn injuries 🌟🌟
Last but not least, thank you Andreea Vlad, Rolando Diaz, Yann Houlberg Andersen, Care4Burn team, all the volunteers that have been helping out at the event and ALL who have supported Care4Burn over the years with both your time and energy 🔥
Together we created a magic and unforgettable evening. Together we have raised 14.300 kr., which is almost 18 surgeries. We are grateful and humble ❤
The documentary will be posted here www.youtube.com/@care4burn152 within the following weeks 🎥📽
Together we can make a difference!

Birthday donation from Alex

Thank you Alex Rebolledo for donating your Birthday gift to Care4Burn 🎉

We are grateful and touched. Your generous donation of DKK 5,500 helps to improve the quality of life for several children with burn injuries in Tanzania and also increase the awareness of this forgotten patient group.

Thank you 🌟 Together we can make a difference 🔥

Theresia and Christina

For the past month, Dr. Theresia Edward and nurse Christina Saria from the Burn Unit at KCMC hospital have been part of the Burn Unit at the MCM hospital in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia 🔥 Here they have gained lots of new knowledge and new experiences, which they can take home with them to Tanzania.

“I have gained greater insight into how to best change bandages and which types of antibiotics are essential to have in the ward. At the MCM hospital in Addis Ababa, they have a dedicated room for dressing changes. I want to implement that at KCMC. Every week I have thought, I want to learn more.” (nurse Christina Saria)

“I have been involved in many and long burn operations. It has been a really good experience where I have learned how to do more advanced skin grafts. For me, it is important to focus both on the treatment of and the actual outcome for the patients, as well as learn how we can improve the treatment at KCMC. I feel inspired and motivated.” (surgeon Theresia Edward)

You will meet both Theresia and Christina as well as Einar and Yodit from the MCM hospital in Addis Ababa in the documentary “The Forgotten”, which premieres on Tuesday 28th of November at Odds and Ends in Nordhavn Copenhagen.

Register for the event and buy a ticket here.

We look forward to seeing you ❤️

Care4Burn – Charity event

Welcome to a meaningful and inspirational evening!

Care4Burn invites you to our charity event and to the premiere of the documentary ”The Forgotten” 🔥
Burn injured children in Tanzania deserve our attention and help. Behind Care4Burn’s works lies a vision to make a difference to the many children and youngsters that every day are injured due to open flames in connection to cooking and housekeeping in their homes.
We want to share the story behind our work and give you insight into how we together with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi contributes in making a positive difference.


At 19.00 The doors open. Welcome drink, photo exhibition and “live performance music”.

At 19.30 Welcome to the premiere by Care4Burn’s founder Karianne W. Fjære.

At 19.45 Introduction and screening of the documentary “The Forgotten”, filmed and edited by George M. Doumani, followed by drinks, canapés, photo exhibition and “live performance music”.

At 20.30 Presentation of Care4Burn by founder Karianne W. Fjære.

At 21.00 Rounding off by debater and actor Farshad Kholghi.

Participation in the event costs DKK 100. The money is a donation to Care4Burn’s project areas without administrative costs.

Registration and payment are made via payment link or QR-code.

We look forward to seeing you! ❤

Thanks to our sponsors.

Together we can make a difference!

See the invitationen here.
George M. Doumani: www.georgedoumani.com
Farshad Kholghi: www.farshadkholghi.dk
Eves Event: @eves.event
ODDS AND ENDS: www.oddsandends.dk