Become a member of Care4Burn with an annual contribution of 250 DKK (~ 20 DKK per month)*.

Make a difference for children with burn injuries in sub-Saharan African countries. The membership gives you a vote at the General Assembly and thereby the chance to influence Care4Burn’s work.

Please note that your contribution to Care4Burn is not deductible under the ‘Ligningsloven § 8 A’.

If you’re buying a membership as a gift, please remember to write the name, telephone number and email address of the recipient and a personal message in the field for comments.

Your contribution will be used to support Care4Burn’s three project areas as well as for coordination of volunteer and administrative work in Denmark.

You can also support Care4Burn by MobilePay or bank transfer.

MobilePay: 28466

Account number: 9570 – 12553536

If you chose to support Care4Burn via MobilePay, please remember to write your e-mail address in the comments field, so we can send you our news letters and keep in contact.

*A full subscription is paid at the entry in the organization regardless of the time of the year.

The subscription will after that be collected annually in April. Lack of payment will result in automatic withdrawal from the organization. With a subscription at any other month than April, the membership is valid until the following April.