To treat patients with large and complex burn injuries, one is dependent on the availability of modern health facilities with surgical equipment, and local staff with expertise and experience.

Doctors and nurses at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Moshi, Tanzania are challenged when treating complex burn injuries. There is a need to acquire and strengthen the practical skills necessary to manage the complexity of burn injuries.

Care4Burn works to strengthen local competences within modern burn care treatment and reconstructive surgery. By facilitating and financially supporting competence-building training, carried out by the experienced plastic surgeon Einar Eriksen and his foundation, Children’s Burn and Wound Care Foundation (CBWCF), we support health care professionals at KCMC in their work. The training aims to upskill local doctors and nurses in burn care treatment and surgery. Building and strengthening local competences helps to ensure long term treatment of burn injured patients.

Dr. Eriksen teaches local doctors at KCMC. The equipment they are using – a Mesh-machine and Humby knives – is donated by Care4Burn. March 2014.