Our work

Care4Burn works for a long term treatment of burn injured patients. We believe that the key to this lies in training local healthcare professionals in burn care treatment and reconstructive surgery, as well as ensuring access to necessary surgical equipment.

We help facilitate training courses and development of skills for local doctors and nurses that aims to strengthen their competencies within burn wound care. We sponsor necessary specialized surgical equipment used for elementary but modern burn care treatment, often involving skin transplantations, in addition to sponsor the costs of relevant surgeries, antibiotics and nutrition supplements.

By sponsoring surgical equipment, we support a continuous development of the hospital’s burn unit, thus improving the treatment of children with both recent and old burn injuries.

With strong competences and access to the necessary equipment, local doctors and nurses can treat more patients, which is beneficial for the patient, their families and for the local community. Through our work, we experience how access to proper treatment increases the patients’ quality of life.

Care4Burn collaborates with respect for and on equal terms with local doctors and nurses. We always work based on local conditions.

At present, we are engaged at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi, Tanzania.

Care4Burn’s projects


Read about how Care4Burn works to strengthen local competences within burn care treatment.

Surgical equipment

Read about how Care4Burn helps to ensure sustainable treatment of burn injuries.

Patient treatment

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Care4Burn believe that together we can make a difference. Therefore we collaborate with like-minded organizations and educational institutions.

Patient stories

In Care4Burn we make a difference for the individual child, by sponsoring their treatment, antibiotics and nutrition supplements.