Anja Steensig

Ambassador since 2019

Author, lecturer and spiritual mentor

Anja Steensig is a versatile person with a compassionate heart. She has previously been engaged as both TV and radio host and is now dedicated to convey the power of love as well as the importance of compassion, both towards others and to ourselves. Her warmth, ambition and care for other people are values that we in Care4Burn both identify with and are inspired by and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Anja Steensig as our ambassador.

Mzungu Kichaa

Ambassador since 2020

Musical artist

Mzungu Kichaa is an inspiring Danish/Tanzanian musical artist, full of contagious energy and joy for life – and so is his music. Mzungu Kichaa was born in Denmark, but has grown in Tanzania. Through his music he encourages breaking down barriers and borders that divide people physically and socially and he is a great role-model for youths, encouraging caring for others and not just focusing on ones own personal gain. We are proud to have you as a part of our team, welcome!

Farshad Kholghi

Ambassador since 2020

Entrepreneur and speaker

Farshad is an inspirational man with an honest outlook on life and he has the ability to take something serious and big, and that can be difficult to put into words, over to a joyful context, filled with giggles and laughs. Farshad knows how it is to start all over in life, creating a new life for yourself? His story is poignant, unique and provides substance for reflection. We welcome Farshad to Care4Burn. We are very grateful that he wants to support our work and that he wants to help us put focus on burn injured children and their challenging situation.

Lea Kholghi Frederiksen

Ambassador since 2020

Lawyer and legal consultant

Lea is a legal consultant at Bryggeriforeningen. Lea is a warm and pleasant person. We are delighted and proud that Lea wants to take part in Care4Burn’s work as an ambassador and that she wants to help us put focus on burn injured children and their challenging situation. Welcome Lea.

Lina Toft Lernevall

Ambassador since 2019

PhD student, nurse

Lina is a nurse and a PhD-student at the Department of Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, National Burn Centre, Haukeland University Hospital and the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is interested in how parents experience the burn injury of their child as well as perceived needs for support during hospitalization at a burn care centre. Through her work she uncovers the need for parental support and how to improve the support for parents of burn injured hospitalised children. Thank you for joining our team Lina and for supporting Care4Burn’s work.