Meet our team

Care4Burn is a non-profit organisation. All work is voluntary. Neither the board members or other volunteers receive any form of salary or bonus.

Karianne Wilhelmsen Fjære

Founder and chairman of Care4Burn

Project leader pharmacist, Capital Region Pharmacy

I have 10 years of broad working experience from the health care sector in Tanzania and Denmark within patient safety, quality assurance and project management. In 2017 I formally established Care4Burn after working with children with burn injuries in Tanzania since 2008. I believe that education is the key to sustainable treatment of burn injuries. Knowing what tragic consequences untreated burn injuries can cause, it is crucial to strengthen and develop local competencies, ensuring ownership and long-term commitment to the treatment.

Forough Faghih

Vice chairman since 2018

Pharmaconomist, Capital Region Pharmacy

I have studied Positive Psychology, UCSF research on children and young people, and innovation. Helping other people gives me a lot of energy and makes life more beautiful. I think all children are innocent and they all deserve a good life despite their financial limitations. I believe that in Care4Burn we can make a difference for children with burn injuries.

Liselotte Gjerdrum Carlsen

Cashier since 2017

Vice President, Communication and Sustainability, Top-Toy

I have 15 years of experience from the private sector. Here I have focused on communication and social responsibility, including establishing partnerships and ensuring companies’ contributions to work with the UN’s world goals. With my commitment to Care4Burn and as an active world citizen, I want to help people with comprehensive and impairing burn injuries return to a life where they can enter into society, where they can make a positive contribution and develop on equal terms with other citizens.

Anja Bergmann Stubager

Board member since 2017

Nurse anesthetist, orthopedic surgery, Rigshospitalet

Through my work in Denmark and Africa I have experienced the consequences of burn injuries in patients both in the acute phase as well as in the long-term course, where there is a need for many surgical interventions. Especially in Africa, I have anesthetized many young children, who several times a week needs to have their burns cleaned in the operating room. With our work in Care4Burn we can contribute in training local doctors and nurses within burn wound care, thereby passing on the experience and playing a part in reaching sustainable treatment for Africa’s burn injured children.

Heidi Elise Strømsholt

Board member since 2019

Registered Nurse, Trauma Unit & Emergency Room, Rigshospitalet

Throughout my studies and later as an expat nurse working for Doctors without Borders in different African countries, I’ve encountered many children and young adults, who have suffered from both large and smaller burn injuries. Now, while working in Denmark, I’m also treating patients, both children and adults, with large and severe burn injuries when they arrive at the ER immidiately after the accident. In my experience, there’s a big difference in the quality of care and treatment that we can offer in Denmark compared to the level that most often is available in African countries. With this insight, I know that there’s an urgent and important need for improving the conditions for burn wounds patients and through our work in Care4Burn, we’re improving knowledge and competencies of local nurses and doctors, so it will create a sustainable development with the feeling of responsibility and ownership for the care and treatment of burn wound patients, and through this, ensure that these patients will have a better chance of survival and a life without severe handicap after their burn injuries.

Andreea Vlad

Active since 2018

Graphic designer

With a background in traditional arts education and additional studies in multimedia and communication design, Andreea is interested in applying visual thinking and design methodologies to explore and solve complex issues in our contemporary world and culture. Andreea is a Romanian visual artist and designer who moved to Copenhagen in 2012 to continue her studies, develop her career, and enrich her experience in the fields of art and design. Andreea joined Care4Burn with the mission of participating in saving and improving the lives of burn victims in Africa

Anja Steensig

Ambassador since 2019

Author, lecturer and spiritual mentor

Anja Steensig is a versatile person with a compassionate heart. She has previously been engaged as both TV and radio host and is now dedicated to convey the power of love as well as the importance of compassion, both towards others and to ourselves. Her warmth, ambition and care for other people are values that we in Care4Burn both identify with and are inspired by and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Anja Steensig as our ambassador.

Lina Toft Lernevall

Ambassador since 2019

PhD student, nurse

Lina is a nurse and a PhD-student at the Department of Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, National Burn Centre, Haukeland University Hospital and the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is interested in how parents experience the burn injury of their child as well as perceived needs for support during hospitalization at a burn care centre. Through her work she uncovers the need for parental support and how to improve the support for parents of burn injured hospitalised children. Thank you for joining our team Lina and for supporting Care4Burn’s work.

Farshad Kholghi

Ambassador since 2020

Entrepreneur and speaker

Farshad is an inspirational man with an honest outlook on life and he has the ability to take something serious and big, and that can be difficult to put into words, over to a joyful context, filled with giggles and laughs. Farshad knows how it is to start all over in life, creating a new life for yourself? His story is poignant, unique and provides substance for reflection. We welcome Farshad to Care4Burn. We are very grateful that he wants to support our work and that he wants to help us put focus on burn injured children and their challenging situation. 

Lea Kholghi Frederiksen

Ambassador since 2020

Lawyer and legal consultant

Lea is a legal consultant at Bryggeriforeningen. Lea is a warm and pleasant person. We are delighted and proud that Lea wants to take part in Care4Burn’s work as an ambassador and that she wants to help us put focus on burn injured children and their challenging situation. Welcome Lea.