Patient treatment

One of the greatest barriers providing adequate treatment of burn injuries is the lack of financial resources. There is a close correlation between the occurrence of burn injuries and poverty.

For burn injured patients, early treatment is crucial for good results. Early treatment at a hospital reduce the risk of infections, septicemia and amputations as well as reducing long term complications such as severe handicaps due to the formation of scar tissue that force contractions.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that often parents of children with burn injuries do not have the economic resources to help their children get treatment.

Care4Burn believes that together we can make a difference and even with few resources we can help many patients. By sponsoring the treatment of children who suffers from burn injuries, and whose families cannot afford surgery, we work together to make a difference for the individual child.  

Disability in the left shoulder and elbow due to contraction of large amounts of scar tissue that pulls the skin together. Faraja and the Norwegian surgeon Einar Eriksen, november 2009.

Faraja 5 years later in 2014 with full mobility in her whole arm as a result of the second operation in 2009. One operation cost approximately 120 EURO (2023).