Surgical equipment

Burn injuries are a major health problem in Africa, especially for children. Treatment of patients with burn injuries is time consuming and comprehensive. Without the opportunity to offer proper treatment and without the necessary surgical equipment, the hospitalization may appear hopeless and often extends to months and even years, resulting in an overwhelming expense for the child’s family.

Without surgery and the possibility of a skin transplantation, large and deep burn wounds will generate thick scar tissue. Over time, the scar tissue will contract and eventually lead to painful and life-long disabilities, disfigurements and impairment for the child, due to, for instance, contractions of fingers and toes; or limbs that inappropriately grow together.

Mesh-machine, Humby knives and blades donated by Care4Burn to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center and burn unit. March 2014. For a total value of approximately 6.300 EURO.
Handing over of surgical equipment donated by Care4Burn to the hospital direction at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. March 2014.

Surgical equipment like a Mesh-machine and Humby knives makes it possible to treat large open burn injuries with skin transplantation as well as reconstruct old injuries where scar tissue has contracted and resulted in a disabling contraction for the patient.

Care4Burn believes that in order to achieve sustainable treatment of burn injuries, it is essential with access to and training in the use of surgical equipment for local surgeons. Care4Burn fundraises for necessary surgical equipment, such as Mesh-machines and Humby knives, with the aim to provide better treatment for the individual burn injured patient, not only benefiting the patient but also the family, hospital and the community.