Merry Christmas from Fushu

Feel like giggling and putting a smile on your face!

Then join in and watch this humorous and ‘feel good’ Merry Christmas video from Fushu and Care4Burn.

If you want to support our work – please contribute by purchasing a Care4Burn Christmasgift card here

Thank you Farshad Kholghi for supporting Care4Burn’s cause!

Merry Christmas.

Together we can make a difference.

Care4Burn’s first grant

A BIG milestone for Care4Burn!
Care4Burn have just received a grant from The Employees’ Fund in the Novo group for our project at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, where we sponsor imperative surgical treatment of children with severe burn injuries.
Thank you to all that have contributed in the proces!
We are outmost grateful and proud to receive this grant!
You can read more about the fund here.
Together we can make a difference!