Patient support for Veronica 6 years old

Every quarter we get an overview from Kilimanjaro Hospital (KCMC) presenting which children and what type of treatment Care4Burn has contributed support to in the previous months.

From May-December 2022, the financial support from Care4Burn has contributed to treatment and care of a total of 12 children; Four boys and eight girls – aged 4 months to 6 years. All these children have been injured due to an open fire (most often the family courtyard) or by falling near boiling water, oil or food. This applies for the majority of child burn injuries in Tanzania, and it is because the family’s cooking area is usually on the ground or is not shielded in separate rooms.

One of the children who has received support from Care4Burn most recently is Veronica. Veronica is 6 years old and came to KCMC two months after her accident. She was burned on 55% of her body, over her stomach, thighs and parts of her chest. Veronica has been hospitalized at KCMC since July 2022. Her wounds are treated daily, and surgeons have attempted to make the first minor transplants from the small portion of skin that is still intact and can be used for skin transplantation. It is a long and cumbersome process, and it is expensive and demanding to treat Veronica and get her back on her feet. Still, Veronica was happy and always smiling when we met her at our visit to KCMC in December ❤️