Jessica og Gloria

Jessica and Gloria are two girls who in 2008 lived in Nkoaranga village at the foot of Mt. Meru, north of Tanzania. When they heard rumours in the village that there was a plastic surgeon at Nkoaranga Hospital in November 2008, they both went to the hospital to hear if there was a chance that the surgeon could do something to alleviate their skin contractions.

Due to old burn injuries, Jessica’s left hand and wrist were contracted and Gloria’s right wrist and elbow were contracted.

Like so many others in the village, Jessica and Gloria came from poor families with no extra financial resources that would allow them to get the necessary surgeries that would increase the mobility in their wrists hand and elbow. Care4Burn decided to sponsor their treatment, carried out by plastic surgeon Einar Eriksen.


The following year, in 2009, Dr. Eriksen and Karianne W. Fjære travelled back to Nkoaranga Hospital. This time, over 15 patients approached the hospital to speak to Dr. Eriksen and to hear if there was something he could do to alleviate their disabling contractions. While most of the people who came to the hospital came from the area around Arusha and Mt. Meru, one patient had travelled all the way from Dar es Salaam, over 600 km away. During their stay, Dr. Eriksen operated 5 patients. Care4Burn sponsored several of the surgeries.

On the third day, Karianne W. Fjære was called out of the operating room – someone had come to see her.

Outside stood Jessica and Gloria, both smiling. After hearing that Dr. Eriksen and Karianne W. Fjære had returned to the hospital, they wanted to meet again and to show how they both were able to stretch their hands and arms, one year after the surgeries.

What a joyful reunion. It was incredibly nice to meet the two girls again – and it was very meaningful to see how they both had benefited from last year’s surgeries.

One surgery costs approximately 100 EURO. Jessica and Gloria had one surgery each, both performed by plastic surgeon Einar Eriksen. For approximately 200 EURO, the function in Jessica and Gloria’s hand, wrists and elbow were improved.

Together we can make a difference!

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